International accessories exhibition guides the trend of the trend

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2017 Shenzhen International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhen International Surface Accessories Exhibition”) jointly sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Textile Industry Branch, Shenzhen Garment Industry Association, China Textile Information Center and Messe Frankfurt (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. From July 6th to 8th, it was successfully held in Hall 6, 7 and 9 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.
The exhibition area of ​​this year's Shenzhen International Surface Accessories Exhibition is over 30,000 square meters, bringing together more than 700 exhibitors from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Portugal, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions. A variety of high-quality products such as chemical fiber, knitting, silk, cotton, hemp, wool, function, lace embroidery fabric, yarn fiber and accessories are on display. It attracted 15,608 professional buyers from 36 countries and regions to purchase, including Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Bangladesh, Britain, Pakistan, Brazil, Russia, Australia and other countries and regions. The audience is especially concentrated. Within three days, the exhibition site was full of fashion trends, setting off a round of buying craze, and a professional purchaser's procurement paradise.
Negotiating trade
Based on the Asian fashion window, Shenzhen International Face Accessories Exhibition has many advantages. Exhibitors always accept the critical test of fashion eyes. Within three days, Marisfrolg, Pabbeen, Cabin, Lapargay, Jakarta, Caldenton, SKECHERS, Trendiano, Jeanswest, Haicang House, Giordano, Peacebird, Langzi, Shadow, Zhuangzi, Piggy Banner, Ge Lanxiu, Ma Tiannu, Century Pozi, Ou Shili, Miss Sixty, Xingtai Monsoon, Yiwen, odbo, Exceptional, Jiu Mu Wang, Psalms, Pink Blue Wardrobe, Cotton Age, 6ixty 8ight , 5th street, An Lifang, Forget, Shulang, Da Yiyan, City Beauty, Eachway, Lady House, West, Baitu, Basic House, She's, Metersbonwe, Urban Revivo, Chuyu, and other famous brands at home and abroad. Buyers have come to the show to evaluate the exhibits of this exhibition.
At the exhibition site, the introduction of overseas design, provision of fast shipping, and improvement of manufacturing processes... Exhibitors have demonstrated their absolute strength, and buyers have shown great interest, and business negotiation scenes can be seen everywhere. The significance of the docking between buyers and sellers lies not only in commerce, but also in the interoperability of information in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, the confession of demand, the display of market dynamics, and the popularity of the next station. This is precisely the power of the platform.
At the booth of Meixin Digital, the natural fiber series products developed in line with customer needs are very popular. “We have smashed many old customers in the past few days, and we have encountered many new customers with good results. The business atmosphere is very good.” Booth The person in charge introduced. Xu Hao Textile said that the exhibition was exposed to many first- and second-line clothing brands, and the exhibition platform was very effective. Chen Wei, the person in charge of the booth in Zhejiang, said: "The flow of people at this year's exhibition is very large, and the quality of customers is also very good. The next day ZARA's Guangzhou team also came to our booth to learn about the products. We can feel the Shenzhen accessories exhibition every time. I am making progress in the past year. I am very grateful for this platform and can provide us with such a good opportunity."
The audience of the business talks in the Golden Idea Textile booth is always bustling. Zhao Guomin, deputy general manager, said that the booth area of ​​the next exhibition must be expanded. In order to cater to the needs of designers and apparel companies, Beijiang Textile has adopted a comprehensive display of garments to better enable professional buyers to intuitively feel denim fabrics. Wushi Group easily controls the market with its unique big data stocking mode. Many designers and clothing companies on the exhibition show great interest in the Wushi zipper. He Ping, general manager of Jiangyin Hengliang Textile Marketing, said, “This exhibition has a good effect and is very popular. Many people are very interested in our products. We have gained a lot on this platform for so many years.”
Alan Wangy, the head of BYTHREE purchasing, said that the exhibition made him a big gain. "In fact, it is not just purchasing products. Through this platform, we feel that the surface materials companies have changed very much in recent years, such as development ideas, design level, Channel management, etc., which also reflects the development trend of the whole industry, these signals are very important to us.” Zhang Guangmin, deputy manager of the sales department of Changzhou Shenda Warp, said that Shenda was compiled with differentiated products to avoid vicious competition. Achieved brand extension. Xu Yanke, general manager of Fujian Jinjiang Xingke Trading Co., Ltd., who participated in the Shenzhen International Surface Accessories Exhibition for the first time, said that in the past, the company always heard that its industry peers participated in the Shenzhen International Surface Accessories Exhibition, so this year it was also quickly registered. “The exhibition effect is good. I have met many new customers in these two days. We should come early and be very helpful to our channel development.”
At the moment, the clothing brand is constantly looking for new materials to inspire all the year, and the surface accessories companies are constantly opening up the road to innovation, providing the source of power for the development of the industry chain. Women's fabrics are moving forward, men's fabrics are emerging, sports fabrics lead the way, denim fabrics are at the forefront of fashion trends, accessories products interpret the beauty of Seiko... Whether it is industry leader or design rookie, professional audience or exhibitors of various museums, they are using Exquisite products interpret the development concept of innovation.
Gathering elites
Hangang Knitting, Garden Woolen, Guangzhou Spinning One, Jinyu Cloth, Zhenwei Textile, Li Resources, Dingji Printing and Dyeing, Nantong Hongfeng, Jiangsu Zhongheng, Shandong Yuyin, Donglong Knitting, Yixin Digital, Maibu Textile, Sanlian Printing and Dyeing, Yijiao Apparel, etc., are the leading companies to present a variety of exquisite products such as silk, denim, woolen fabrics, accessories, etc., and deliver the next season's popular signals to the downstream market in the most straightforward way. At the same time, the international influence of Shenzhen International Surface Accessories Exhibition has been further enhanced in recent years, attracting such as Hong Kong Yifang International Co., Ltd. (China), Zhisheng Technology Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong), Feilongxing (Hong Kong), Yichangtai Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong) ), Bon Co Ltd (Japan), Diesel Co., Ltd. (Japan), Stylem Co Ltd (Japan), Showy Textile (Korea) and many other overseas rookies have joined, making the fashion style of Shenzhen International Accessories Exhibition more complete and clear. .