Interior textile design prefers 2019 autumn and winter fashion color - Brown Red

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This year's China Trend Color Association Trend Research Center team brought the 2019 autumn and winter French color theme - a fuzzy fragrance, this theme shows a night, artificial, retro color combination, reminiscent of rose water Organic and mysterious images of glamorous berries, blood, gray pepper, blue light, retro and futuristic.
In the avant-garde and bold interior design, DimoreGallery combines Brown Red and Sea Blue, as in the French Color Proposal Color Group. In 70% of the large blue color, it is placed in bulk brown red and mixed with a small amount of jumping. Powder, light blue; or contrast with the focus of orange, the addition of gold and cream with the combination of metal, glass, plush material.
The famous Italian brand Fornasetti featuring Baroque style, the mix of classical and contemporary themes, the Rug Emisfero Occidentale rug combines brown and light golden yellow patterns, and the Pensèe series of carpets combines the purple-red phase of the brown red Gradient color matching, another set of paintings with a gorgeous sea blue gradient wall and tapestry with a dark purple, light brown red pattern sofa, gray stone floor to play a color neutral effect, metal glass table bright yellow glass bottle Joining, with the overall fun pattern, brings a humorous retro and artistic, imaginative home combination picture. The simple and exquisite new retro style, whether it is the overall dark color or the expression of interesting taste, geometric elements, brass metal, glass, stone texture, suede material are all essential elements, the overall combination of solid color, More important than the pattern.
Of course, in addition to the bold and artistic application above, Brown Red has a softer and fresher performance. In the H&M HOME product, the deep brown red cup and saucer and the carpet are also combined with the golden geometric pattern and the same color pattern. The glass soap dispenser brings different light and shadow changes through the surface concave and convex diamond pattern; in the shower curtain and other products, the light brown The combination of red and floral patterns, the low-color white, green and orange blends are filled with a fresh, retro feel. ZARA HOME's Brown Red uses relatively simple and natural, wood-colored coasters combined with light brown and red, and a tablecloth with milky white to form a smudge effect, as well as the overall plain light brown red bed, aromatherapy card, etc. Warm impression.
Overall, in the creative, artistic product performance, Brown and purple, blue, green, orange, yellow color combination will be a good choice, the collision and intertwined between colors, will be more fashionable; In the natural and comfortable product appeal, Brown Red is combined with low-color tones such as white, pink and wood, and the expression of the material touch gives a friendly, soft and refined experience.